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Thursday, March 26, 2009

GAMASOL~Can't believe I was intimidated! Ha!

So, after viewing all of the work on the Cricut MB involving the GAMASOL technique~I JUST HAD TO TRY IT!!!  So I did.  Not bad for the first time, I will be doing this again, it was so neat seeing the colours blend~Magoo

This half flower is intended to be a pocket for a tag in a challenge that I entered on the MB
Here is the tag all comfy in it's pouch :)
OK, not sure what happened to the colour on these pics, they are SO washed out!  I will try and take new ones tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! This is gorgeous!!!!!

Jenny said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the colors and I love the brads! I have been too intimidated to try Gamasol too but I might have to do it after looking at this! BEAUTIFUL!

Britten said...

LOVE THIS! I just got some mineral spirits at walmart the other night and tried this technique for the first time....and I totally love it!!

Maria Snook said...

I love your Wild Card cart creations! They are so wonderful and inspiring!