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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I figured out GRAB BUTTONS! Do YOU want one??!! Come and Play!!

That's right!! Woo hoo!! yay me!! Yes, I'm excited! Not only did I figure out how to make a cute little image, but I figured out how to turn it into a grab button~which means people who REALLY like a certain blog can copy HTML code, add a gadget, paste the code and VOILA!! A beautiful button specially designed is now on their blog.

The whole reason behind this was that I snagged the button 'share some love, leave a comment' from SHABBY BLOGS and ever since then I kept wondering how I could do that.....I think that's why I'm so excited :)

So! On that note~ in celebration of my new found abilities albeit VERY NEW....I'm looking for any excuse to design in PSE6.

I would just LOVE it if you would leave suggestions for me on what kind of grab buttons you would like to see, or maybe a saying on a button, I can make these any shape, colour, you name it...the sky is the limit!

The best suggestion or idea that is sent in to me will be made, and I will personally help you install it on YOUR BLOG for everyone else to grab! That's right~in celebration that I was able to figure these puppies out I'm offering a free custom made grab button tailored to your blog and style !! Think of it as FREE ADVERTISING!!

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you ladies submit! :)

Deadline for suggestions/requests will be Friday May 24th midnight EST.


the Daily Scrapper said...

My favorite quote is one of my own "I create daily, do you?" I think that would be super cute in a button.


Oh Magoo you are so great!! Hey we have Lady GaGa on our other blog!! I need to give you that blog address.
That is so neat that you did this. I need a snowman one!! I still can't find that snowman blinkie you made me. Wow this is so great!! I am so proud of you!!!


I "grabbed" your button and put it on my blog. This way your sspt will get some traffic. I truly think you need to be in the Cricut Chat with your cute little pails you did last month!! b

~BridgetL~ said...

Wow that turned out great. I sure Barb is going to love it. I would have to day something with a snowman or monkey would be cute. I'm sure someone will come up with something really cute.

Jeannie Phillips said...

Oh I would love to know how to do that!!!...I am so totaly jealous... congrats!


jcscraphappy said...

ooh what fun i wish i could do that, i love your blog background too.
i think of course a disney button would be great oooh and one for my blog
thanks and blessings

Pinklady50 said...

Oh how cool, I've been wanting to figure out how to make a grab button for my daughter's Paci-Plushies website. She's a mom inventor married to a pro hockey player from Canada and I fill her orders. What a neat thing to know how to do! Congrats! And beautiful button you made for Barb--it's on my blog!

Magoo said...


ORIGINAL: mickeydee

I am having a total brain block about what would work for anyone else, but, for me, if it was to be personal, I like the silver ring that was shown on your blog, and I would want a daisy, a Mickey head and a pink breast cancer ribbon on it. Sort of like a charm bracelet and people could have a few items on it that matched their favorite things. See.........told ya I wasn't coming up with anything very creative! I will try to think of something better.


Magoo said...

[quote]ORIGINAL: *MerdyBug*

Have you seen the "Whats in your soul" neclaces? They are like a locket of sorts, but you can see through them. You can buy "charms' that are very tiny to go in them. So far mine only has my birthstone and my son's birthstone in it, so basically it is a silver circle w/glass in the center that the charms go between two layers of glass. Maybe you should just google But a button that looked like this type charm (not sure if it can be a button that hangs from a chain) would be neat. There are all sorts of charms, I specifically want to get a diaper pin one. :) but for a button on a blog you could even put things like a cricut head....


Magoo said...
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Melissa said...

I love the Walt Disney quote...

"If you can dream it, you can do it." That's kind of how I approach my scrapping and card creating! So I would love to have something with that along with my blog name.... Disney Dreamer Designs. Being that Disney Dreamer Designs is 3 D's...maybe something in 3 Dimensional proportions would look cool! ;-) Maybe Mickey heads popping out from the button! Oooo....3 of them! One with the word "Disney" one with "Dreamer" one with "Designs"!

This is so super sweet of you to offer and I'm in awe of all the little extras on your blog! I need to learn how to do that stuff!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Monique Griffith said...

I'd love one with a monkey on it. It could say "Monkey Around" or "Monkey Business" or something cute and playful like that. How cool that you've figured out how to make them!