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Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank you everyone for voting.....

but I didn't win. The lady who won the grand prize had over 5000 votes!!

I simply just don't know that many people. I also lost out to a turkey, SERIOUSLY! LOL!! My category was in home decor and the turkey won :) (I'm talking about the project guys! LOL!)

You can view the winning projects here: Winners

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart who voted for me, we gave it a good try!!!


eiyiyi said...

Sorry you didn't win Magoo. Your project was stellar! Next time ......... hugs, eileen

Wife2TJ said...

Well I think you did an AMAZING job!!! You should be VERY PROUD of yourself :-)

Shazza said...

Hi Magoo!

I found your blog whilst blog hopping you do :)

Some great pages here, you have a cool scrapping style :)Luvvin it!!

I am just letting you know that the new criteria for my two challenge blogs has just been posted for November and I would love for you to play along.

You could become a follower of my blog site and get the latest updates and info, and the more followers that join the bigger and better the prizes I can offer.

So come over and take a peek, you want be dissapointed!

ARTastic (takes inspiration from the great artists) =
'From Screen 2 Scrap'(we take inspiration from movie posters with a little added criteria) =

International scrappers are most welcome :)

and take care

Di&Co said...

Magoo, sorry you didnt win. Sometimes it goes like that. I hope you continue entering because you're stuff is really very good. First time Ive been to your blog....very impressive!


~~Lorrie~~ said...

You're not alone, I don't know 5,000 people either! LOL I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your project. Your snowflake wreath was fabulous and a winner in my book any day, any where. So... I'm going to give you an award... it's the I am fabulous award.. and I'll send it your way shortly!

~~Lorrie~~ said...

OK little lady... come on over to my blog and pick up your award! I think you'll recognize it! (Wink)...

Cher~ said...

I really thought you would have it in the bag too. I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVED your project and thought it was brilliant! It was elegant and yet very creative. I was so sad that you didn't win. Nevertheless, keep up the good work.

Diane said...

Your project was beautiful - It was very clever in the way you put it all together and of course - I love the glitter!

Billie said...

Love your Friday pinwheel valentine card. Just please remember there a lot of us who do not have a gypsy so the cut file is not one we can use, at least to my knowledge. I still love the card though.