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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crafty Gift Saturday!!

Oh how fun today is!!! Crafty Gift Saturday :) As much as I love using my Cricut to make cards, I LOVE altering items and doing things a little differently :) Todays project is no exception ~ we get our hands a little sticky with this one!!

I decided I wanted to dress up a bottle of wine to give to a girlfriend for Valentines Day ~ but I didn't want to just plop it in a wine bag this time - I wanted to change things up a bit. So I decided to literally gift wrap the bottle LOL!

I got out some hemp twine (you can buy it at Walmart for 5.97 cdn so it would be cheaper in the U.S.), Wacky Tacky Tape, my Mod Podge ( I grabbed the gloss and the glitter kind) a foam brush and a nice ribbon. I also chose a wine bottle that had a beautiful silouhette.I started at the bottom of the bottle and using my Wacky Tacky Tape (I used this a lot this week LOL!!) I glued my starting point down and started to wrap around the base of the bottle. My original plan was to wrap the entire bottle and then cover it in the Podge....but as I was wrapping, the twine wasn't sitting flat on top of each other and I was getting holes showing the green bottle underneath - yuck. So I took the Wacky Tape and ran it down the length of the bottle 5 times, then as I wrapped around the bottle the twine had something to keep it in place.I wanted to break up the twine a bit on the bottle so I added ribbon near the bottom...yep laid down some wacky tape first to hold it in place and wrapped the ribbon around. Then I just started wrapping again above the ribbon, working your way all the way up the neck and I added another piece of ribbon at the top.Then I decided I wanted to add more bling and attached some really cool ribbon I bought at wallmart in the fabric department (the lady just cuts it off the spool).Once I had it all wrapped I wanted to seal it to make sure the twine would not move, and to seal the bottom of the bottle so it wouldn't start unravelling there. I chose to use the Glitter Mod Podge (big surprise LOL!!) to dress it up but the regular gloss would have been just as nice.I'm not sure if you can see the glitter, but it's there and it's really pretty - as you turn it the light catches the glitter and it shimmers :)Next I wanted to hang all sorts of Valentine themed cuts off the bottle. Most of these aren't even tags - you can just cut out any image from whichever cartridge you like - STORYBOOK has some great scalloped cuts, Lyrical Letters, Home Decor, Home Accents - OH! Hello Kitty would be cute too! So just select whatever cuts you prefer and keep them under 3". To attach ribbon you could punch a hole and thread it through - really easy :) I think it's the ribbon and the layering of all the tags that makes it look so festive. How I did my cuts was to put all my images on 1 page on my Gypsy - Don't forget I'm using Gypsy Wanderings and Wild Card as my only 2 cartridges this week (and Gypsy Wanderings ONLY works on my Gypsy). I welded a few circles to some images to make rings to loop my ribbon through. I placed all my paper on my sheet and only had to cut 1 time. Once I cut out all my images I put them together and dressed them up a bit.
I also got out some craft wire and threaded beads onto it, wrapped the edges closed and shaped it into a heart.
I plan on making some of these wrapped bottles for myself and sticking a tapered candle into the top. How cool would that look with wax dripping down it like they have in those little cafe's in Paris? (without the v-day tags of course lol). You could bring these outside in the summer and place them around your patio....the uses for these could be endless :) I hope you had fun with my crafty gift Saturday!

I have included the G file for the tags on my blog, as well as every project this week - just go to DESIGN~CREATE~INSPIRE. is my last day as Miss January on Holidays with the Cricut..... I am so glum! It was unbelievable to spend an entire week with such a wonderful group of people. Each and every one of you who took the time to comment on my projects ~ THANK YOU. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, I have read every single one. For someone who is shy, sharing my work was very nerve wracking....but everyone's supportive and kind comments kept encouraging me everyday!

Thank you so much Joy, Melanie and Tammy ~ to be able to post on your blog all week has been such an honour ~ you ladies have a lot of work on your shoulders and I now fully grasp just how much you all put into this WONDERFUL BLOG!

You girls are fantastic - your readers/followers are amazing and I had so much fun - I hope I made you all proud as Miss January, take care and big hugs to you all from Canada :)


lavendarrose29 said...

I love this project. You are so amazingly talented. My only question is: Do you have to own the Design Stuido to download the files or is it enough that I own the gypsy?

Sheila McShea said...

What a fabulous week! Loved having my coffee every morning this week with you and feasting in all these beautiful projects! Every single day brought us a fresh awesome project to not only admire but with the clear directions the ability to recreate! You are awesome! Thanks for sharing your time and your talent! Hugs!

Nana Mouse said...

Yep, song from yesterday still in my head!! LOL

Another blast from the past! I can remember, as a young girl, trying to find out who drank Chianti (sp?) so we could have their bottles for candle holders and drip wax all over it. LOL

Miss Myamagoo, you have been a true treasure, as a person, with a wonderful sense of humor and a gift of creativity I wish everyone were blessed with. Thank you for all your work, inspiration and caring sharing. GREAT MS. JANUARY!!


Cheryl said...

Crystal, You are totally amazing. I have watched/read your projects from Christmas with the Cricut everyday this week and I believe you outdid yourself on each and every project. I am awestruck with the beauty of your projects. I so wish I had the imagination and creativity you have and can only hope that someday I can create something close to what you can do. My first question--how in the world do you think up these projects? :) Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us. You've set the bar mighty high, but it gives us all something to strive for. Keep up the good work.

sandra(misty) said...

thank you for shareing all your hard work you do the most beautifully things

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

What a week this was. We are going to have withdrawal sympmtoms now at HWTC - LOL.
How can one possibly beat what you did. Hats of to you girl.

Corliss McBride said...

I have loved see all of your creations this week. Thanks for being Ms. January and sharing your special talent with us. You have gained on loyal follower,

Grandma Suzie said...

WOW, what can I say. You have done another great job. Will miss seeing something created each day. However I know family comes first. Congradulations again on all your work.

FitterTwit said...

That is gorgeous enough to be displayed after it's empty! The bottle is a gift in itself. could drink the wine and give her the bottle!!!! hahahahahaha just kidding! LOL!

Cindy McVey said...

SOOO cute! Reminds me of a more sophisticated, adult version of the tissue paper and glue on glass that we used to do as kids. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, and I am NOT believing that you're shy! You sure don't sound like it "it writing!" LOL!


HI sweetie, you did great! Are you glad you did it? What awesome projects! I commented daily on the cwtc blog, I think. I truly think you should quit your day job and become a designer for magazines!!! Your work is so incredible and I am proud of you!! x0x0x0 B

alwayscharlie said...

I agree with all the above comments. You are a treasure and even though your week as calendar girl is up I will still be following your blog.

Diane said...

What a great week of projects! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

The new blog look is wonderful - such a beautiful background that you created.

Kwilt said...

I saw this rhinestone ribbon at WM just this week!!! I thought it was so pretty! How nice to see it used a I have to go back!! LOL
Huggs...Kathy your new wallpaper!! You did a fantastic job on it! Breath taking!

Sheila McShea said...

Crystal, hope you are having a great day. I left something over at my blog, stop by and pick it up.

Wife2TJ said...

This is so beautiful and creative!!! I love it!

I didn't get to post a lot on the holidays with the cricut blog this week but I checked out EVERYTHING you did this week and you did an AMAZING job!!! You are so talented, and thank you for sharing with us this past week all of your beautiful creations.

-Samantha (Wife2TJ)

Tia Yvette said...'s over already?? I have truely enjoyed your week of projects. Your work is amazing and extremely detailed. I just love what you did with the wine bottle...who would have imagined?! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us and I appreciate your inspiration! :)

Rozette said...

You did a great job at Holidays with the Cricut! Thanks for taking the time to do so many projects.


ScrapHappenswithAngie said...

Loving this project! I may just have to try it! :)

Have question for ya. Where did you get your blog button? I'd love to get one for my blog as well.

Well, I'm off to blog hop some more. Hope you stop by and take a peak! I'm a follower of your blog and if you like mine I'd appreciate you following me too!

Have a great day!

cathy said...

OMG! What a great gift! I love it! I also love mod podge, but never knew there was a glitter podge! I know what I will be shopping for this weekend!

kimmie said...

i love this! i didn't know there was glitter mp but i'll be looking for it!
i couldn't find the file to download for the tags though. you're so creative!