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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's been pretty busy around here....

Hi everyone!!!

I wish I could have been a better blogger this last little while....but sometimes work just won't let me :)

I've been taking some fun classes over at Renee and here is a little bit of what I've been creating: I used Photoshop CS4 for these, but they would work in PSE as well. Both projects are my own design, just using the techniques taught in class.

Chipboard Text in the TextFx Class

Vanishing Lines assignment in Text Fx Class

These are all for digital scrapbooking of course, but it certainly gives me some ideas for some Christmas cards using REAL paper lol!!! *especially that top one :) :)

I think I am finally getting the hang of this! (let me know what you think though, could you see yourself using that phrase, or maybe that chipboard on a layout??). Just curious :)

Hope everyone is doing well and I will talk to you all soon!!!



~BridgetL~ said...

Hi there,
I think I would use both of your creations. Got a question for you. Do you prefer Jessica Sprague classes or Renees? I've only taken JS.

flowerdisco said...

oh my Crystal. this is way too cool.tfs! :) and hugs back to you.

Magoo said...

thanks so much guys! xoxoxo

Bridget, I've taken all of JS's classes and have loved them all...

I've taken 3 classes so far at RP and am learning new stuff - I find each teacher's methods of introducing the techniques so different...I would definitely give both a try. I haven't regretted a class yet :) :) :)

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

Hiya Magoo,

Boy miss you around here. I love them both. Awesome creations.

Debby said...

I like them both very much and could see myself using these in a LO. Good to have you back. I would love to take some PS classes. Trying to teach myself isn't going well. I need more structure.