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Friday, November 5, 2010

sucked into the digital vortex....and I kinda like it :)

Photoshop and Illustrator have been calling my name lately....

Partly due to taking some awesome-fabulous-amazing classes at Renee Pearson and partly how mess free digital scrapping and designing is. Look ma - no glitter in my hair! :) :)

My first little project is playing around with watercolour.....I really love this technique and could see myself using this a lot. Once I get my brushes all packaged up I will be offering my first .abr brush file to those of you that are into digi :) Commercial use will be A-ok with these - no attribution required. I'll get into that later ;)

This one was a challenge to use a different Type Face for each letter, I loved this challenge - it made me pay attention to x height and heirarchy as well as ascender and gave me some good ideas for another project!

That's it for now, going to break out the 'real paper' and glue this weekend :) :)



Ohhh Snap said...

Ooooooooooo pretty!! I got all my printers and scanners and my gazelle a new shelf :D. I'm still waffling about digital though lol.

~BridgetL~ said...

so cool. So you recommend Rene's classes? I have only taken JS classes. Digi sure is addicting :)

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

ooh!! Love this. Great job! Love this.
You go girl :)

Debby said...

L REALLY like this too! Great job!