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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Actions in Photoshop...who knew?

Who knew they'd be so darn COOL!!?? I know I didn't!

I'm not sure exactly what rock I've been living under....but I stumbled upon and learned about Photoshop Actions today.

I downloaded some amazing FREE ones and I even *gulp* tried them out.

so cool.

I almost peed my pants with the results I got with just a push of a button - oh did I mention they were FREE??

The amazingly talented lady who is offering these actions (she has some for Elements users too! yay!) goes by the name REE. She is the woman behind the website titled: The Pioneer Woman.

I just couldn't believe this place - all the information, all the tips, the wonderfully written posts...and she is generous enough to offer free actions on her website. I have been having so much fun trying out these actions all day :)

Seriously though, if you have some time (and a cup of coffee) go visit her site - my favourite tab is her Photography tab - I got lost in there all morning :)

Here are some of my before and after shots using her actions (and adjusted to my taste, that's the beauty of actions!!!). With actions you can adjust the opacity of each layer, you can turn off certain layers the action has run, everything is customizable to the look you are going for in that photo! I hope you enjoy my very first attempt at using actions.

Next Set:

Next Set:

Last one: so lovely.....

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my experiments :)

Remember if you want to give these a try yourself there are 2 sets she is offering on her website - and there are actions for Photoshop Elements users as well! There are also several other actions she has available to use, just scroll through and enjoy :)

p.s. don't say I didn't warn ya that you'll end up spending all day there reading her witty posts and helpful hints!

The Pioneer Woman

Have a great day!



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TR said...

I love PW.
I visit her (blog) everyday!


Rozette said...

Can you use actions on pse8?