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Friday, December 3, 2010

Focal Points...

So tricky - I've only got 3 on this camera - the one I'd like to upgrade to has 12!!!
S'okay as long as I have time to fiddle and watch closely through the viewfinder.

Used Pioneer Woman's Actions (yes again!). I used Lovely & Ethereal (apparently it's becoming my favourite) and Dim the lights.

My ISO was bumped up to 800 since I was inside at night and my aperture on this lens only starts at a 4 so I did my best (my favourite part is fiddling until I get the right shot - I took 46 pics of this flower and I learned a lot from the bad photos).

So, seeing as I had some noise, I thought I'd better darken the background instead of trying to fix it.

Before......I only cropped to 5x7 otherwise it's SOOC.

After some photoshop fun :)

I find it's the subtle differences that make is so dramatic don't you??
(and yes it's supposed to be slightly fuzzy and 'etheral' when you zoom in lol)


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