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Friday, December 10, 2010

Max doesn't like the Christmas tree.

Man, let me tell ya, if this dog's looks could kill.....well, that tree and all it's decorations and lights would be outta the house. He sniffs it, stares at it, he really really does not like that tree.

This should be a very interesting first Christmas with you pal. Wait till the presents get put under there, another thing in your house that just doesn't belong....

Just don't lift your leg on my tree ok? :)



~BridgetL~ said...

he sure has gotten a lot bigger. Hope he doesn't lift his leg either. LOL
Happy Holidays Magoo :)

love the new blog look. but im partial to snowmen

Kymberlee said...

This is the best post I have read all week :) What a beautiful boy!

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

oh oh! I think you need to give Chewbacca here a dedicated leather toy so he can chew that and leave your stuff alone

Natalie said...

He is just gorgeous!