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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love the Dollar store and my Crop A Dile!!

I got a crop a dile a few months ago and never used it - this thing really does punch through anything!!

Which is what got me thinking about what I could use it for...

I had bought some frames from the dollar store and have been collecting quite a few, but I didn't realize at the time (when I was buying so many) that there wasn't any hook or spot on the back to hang them on the wall :(

I've always wanted to hang pictures with ribbon - I love the look, and wasn't motivated to do anything until we had people come to look at buying our house.

Mini-Magoo's work table needed some extra little pizazz so I grabbed my huge box of ribbon, and my cropadile and took apart the frame to see what I had to work with. This frame from the $ store is sorta like a shadow box, there is an additional frame inside that give you about 1/2 inch of clearance inside (I didn't really measure) it!

Here is the back, I grabbed some pliers and ripped it right off the back - it only left 2 holes.

Here is the black inner frame I was talking about- and you can see where I chomped out room for the ribbon with my crop a dile[thumbs up] This black frame comes out, and I punched 1 hole in the side of the frame as well...just eyeballed it - no measuring here lol! Then I fed my ribbon through both sides.

I tried to keep the same amount of ribbon on both sides...

Then put the frame back together and close those little black tabs...

then I just put a nail in the wall (oh how dear hubby cringes when I get the hammer and nails out bwahahahahaha!) and tie the ribbon into a bow or knot (depends on the ribbon, the striped one didn't want to make a pretty bow for me at all), and hang it on the wall! I liked how it turned out so much that I thought a group of three would be perfect at mini-magoo's desk. *lets not comment on the crooked one on the right k?
Mini-Magoo wants to have 3-d butterflies in there instead of the flowers (we just put something in there so it wouldn't be the brown backing of the frame), so we'll get the cuttlebug out later today and make some with the cut and emboss dies. I think it will look nicer too - 3d butterflies - yay!

I liked this so much that I thought I would hang her cork board for her projects on the wall the same way (usually it's full of paper stuff but we tidied it up for the open house). Looks cute huh?

Looking at the photos now I realize I forgot to trim the ribbon on the's kinda sticking out - oops

I am just so pleased that a dollar store frame and some ribbon turned out so cute. Love that crop a dile!! I'm not sure I would've tried this without it ;)



Distressed Love said...

Love those!! i am going to have to do this with the TONS of picture frames i have....My daughter needs her room and playroom jazzed up a bit...and this may be the thing it needs!

eiyiyi said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Magoo! I would never have thought of this but you can be sure I'll be scraplifing this idea. Thank you for always being willing to share your ideas! Hugs and a Happy New Year. eileen

momd28 said...

These frames and corkboards are too cute. I love the ribbon idea and will definately have to try it out soon. Thank you for sharing.