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Monday, May 4, 2009

argggh!! I was SO close!

I was able to figure out how to design in PSE 6, I figured out the HTML coding so I could change my paper on my left and right sides. I liked how it looked, but the paper scrolled with my blog posts....I HATE IT!!! If someone, anyone, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE knows how to keep my background from moving (and just my posts scrolling) PLEASE help!!! Until then I am stuck with this!

Any help? Anybody???




HI- just the posts only are scrolling, not the side bars. It is kind of hard to read with the swirls though. How did you ever make this? It is nice!
I still need to find out how to make my music maker look like the iphone like yours does!!!
Good luck with your Photo Shop. I know you can do it !! How did you do this though- did you take photos? Draw it? email me!! :)


OH Magoo , this is sooo pretty! I am so proud of you!! b