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Sunday, May 3, 2009


ok, for my b-day I received the best gift ever...Photoshop Elements 6!
I'm so excited, what a learning curve....I spent all night trying to make a background, I managed to get it uploaded and it's too small!! so i had to delete it, but I will try and upload one tomorrow :) can't wait to show you what I designed!!!


Leanne said...

Happy Birthday!! What a great gift!! I always like something new to master! Have fun!!


Hey , there I LOVED the last look!! You and I are forever changing ours!
You will get it figured out.
I still need to find out how to put that little ipod on??? Mine showed up big and not like an iphone like yours?
Can't wait to see the new blog. I am still not crazy about mine.
I would love to take some graphic design courses and find out how to do this!!
hey hope you don't mind that I used your feist song? b