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Sunday, September 13, 2009

OK, so my craft room isn't put back together just yet....

but LOOK at what I did tonight!!! I had one of those 3 legged brown veneer tables that I've had FOREVER. I wanted to re-use it so I gave it a face lift with some Krylon spray paint and a bit of melamine on the top. I was kind of stumped for a few days on what else to do with it and then it came to me. I wanted to make her table look like a tutu!!! The very helpful lady at the fabric store explained to me that I couldn't use a glue gun on this material, it would melt. So I sat, and thought and came up with a solution~STAPLES! Here are pictures of the transformation :)STEP ONE: paint your table, gather supplies~check!
STEP TWO: make sure your stapler is FULL and get busy!!
STEP THREE: don't freak out when the top looks awful~remember you can trim all that!
STEP FOUR: Get your beautiful satin ribbon out and hide those staples!!!
STEP FIVE: My favourite part: Get your CRICUT out, some vinyl and GET CUTTING!!! I used Storybook for everything.
STEP SIX: Stand back, admire your pretty little table, pat yourself on the back for not having to learn how to sew tonight. Phew!
STEP SEVEN: FIND A CUTE LITTLE LAMP FOR THAT TABLE, or.........maybe I can alter one???!!

HOpe you all enjoy my little project, I sure had a blast making it :)


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I bet Mya loves it. You are so creative. Way to go girl.

~~Lorrie~~ said...

Wow! YOu are so creative! Love it!


Oh that is tooooo cute!!

Brenda said...

awww this is sooo adorable!!!Great job!

BlueRose said...

Oh, yes i love that table and so simple...♥

Bug Junkie said...

Too Cute!!!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

How Cute!! I love it!! I still have yet to open my new cricut, weird isn't it? I have this awesome machine that I have wanted forever and it's sittin in a box! After seeing what you did here, I have to get it out today! I love it!

Sharon said...

Love this cute and sassy little table!