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Monday, September 7, 2009

Got everything put away....

in one room at least :) I got a few things up on the wall. The flower lights, the little flowers, a picture....I'm planning to do more but ran out of time. I have some really nice shadow boxes that I would like to fill with 3-d butterfly's. Maybe I can get to that this week sometime. I also want to do TONS of vinyl stuff on her walls, i will post pics of that too!!
Looks like everything will fit for now....until Christmas that is! Hope you enjoy the pics. If you forgot what it looked like before:This is before I had a chance to organize~everything was thrown in here so I could paint the other room :)

AND NOW.......there is a place for everything


Anonymous said...

Love the room.
Can I come over and play?

Tia Yvette said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! You did a great job with DD's room. I love the loft bed and how it allows more space in the room. I also caught a glimpse of the mini chandelier...super cool! What a FUN room. Thanks for sharing pics with us...DD is one lucky girl!! :)

BlueRose said...

I have to agree with Tia Yvette, what a lovely room looks like fun. You did a fantastic job on the room too.

Ladybug said...

Toooo cute! What an awesome room to grow up in!! TFS! ;-)


Loooooking greeeeeeeeeeatt!