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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Instructions for Fancy Gift Box using Gypsy

My gosh this was a lot of work! I sure hope we can just share files soon LOL!!

This project was designed using a 12x24 Mat.

I've decided to do the steps for the box base first, then the lid second.

Pic 1: Photo of Box base and overall dimensions of 10.91wx10.85H

Pic 2: So I've spaced everything out so you can see how I put it together before welding.
Photo of centre of box (used Plantin Schoolbook for square).
Dimensions are 3.75Wx3.61H. I copied the square 4 times and placed them around my center.
*Make a note of your X and Y co-ordinates OF THE CENTRE SQUARE and write them on a scrap paper* after you have placed it in middle of your mat (off to the right like mine). (when you line up your outside squares you will be making sure they match the x and y co-ordinates of the centre square).

Pic 3: In Gypsy Wanderings select the tag that we are going to use as a tab to hold our box together. Dimensions should be:3.71wx1.16H. **When you make a tab for the opposite side you will have to ROTATE 180 degrees-not flip or it will not weld.

After you have everything laid out as I did make sure all of your items are UNGROUPED. Now you can start nudging things closer and closer so they overlap ever so slightly. Check your X and Y co-ordinates from square to square to make sure they are lined up with the centre square. Zoom in very close when you are lining them up, you want a smooth line when they cut.
Once you have everything looking correct, go ahed and group all images together.
I started from the centre square out (much easier this way for me).
After your box is grouped then go to your advance tab and weld. Preview and zoom in to make sure you welded correctly and moved everything close enough.

That's it for the box. Now for the lid....

I've taken a photo of the lid, again it's all broken apart so you can see what I've done.

I used a storybook shape for the fancy edging around my lid. The image on the left below I used as fancy corners to dress up the box. I only cut two of those. I took the image and using a ruler and sharp blade cut it in half horizontally.
The image on the right (in the pic below) are what I used for my flaps. Dimensions for the flaps are 3.09Wx3.68H.

These little cuts I used as my 'tabs' to hold my box together~but you could use the same tab as we used on the box. I just wanted something pretty on the inside of the lid. Dimensions are 1.80wx0.81H. Below is how I place them.

A pic of where to find these little things on your gypsy

You will have to rotate your images around the square with this lid as well, no flipping or it won't weld.
Below is a shot of how I've placed mine-Remember that all images should be UNGROUPED at this time. Grouping is the last stage before welding and cutting.

This photo below is fairly important as to how you place your flaps on your box. You want to make sure you have the corners open and your other flaps are not touching each other on the sides. Just wanted to add a pic to make sure :)

I hope that is clear as mud. I'm a visual person so pictures are much more easy for me to grasp a concept with. Sorry about the rambling.

**Just a note: These pictures were taken AFTER I had cut mine out so it was still welded and that is why it is red.

When you are designing your images will be in BLACK (as they should not be grouped).
Once you have added your images and placed them accordingly go ahead and group~then they will be BLUE.
After they are grouped go ahead and weld them~then your images will be in RED.

So don't panic if you are following along with the images and the colours don't match. I just wanted to warn you guys! LOL!

I've also included a screen shot of the flower i used for the top of my box. I cut 6 out each one smaller than the last. I didn't save the flower~sorry it was an add on after I made the box~the top just looked so naked! I threaded my fibres through the holes all the way to the top. Tied them in a knot and added fibres throughout for more volume and prettiness.

Thanks for reading my book~long winded but hopefully helpful to those who want to give it a try!


Amy said...

Great job! And great instructions. Thanks so much for this fabulous box!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful project, wonderful instructions. Carolyn in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Love your box. You did a really great job. Thanks for the cut file. I know I am going to enjoy using it.


Mary-Scrapbooking_Grandma said...

What A beautiful Box. I wanted to let you know that there is an award for you on my blog. Great Blog And Keep up The Great Work!

Moxy77 said...

Thanks Mya for the beautiful box file. I just have the baby bug but I might be getting an expression soon so I wanted this box file. It is so pretty. Melissa

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Soooo Cool! Now I need a gypsy!! I am LOVINGGGGG my cricut!! I use it to cut the exact size circles I need for the washer necklaces, it's awesome!

Thanks for Stopping over and leaving such a sweet comment :) Have a wonderful Weekend! I will let you know when the video tutorial is up!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it when you give visuals with your instructions because I can actually design on the go! Print, design and come back to cut, now how easy is that! I LOVE YOU and THANKS! Come close, closer, closer, A BIG OLE HUG FROM ME TO YOU!!!