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Monday, January 11, 2010

It's MONDAY!!! It's MONDAY!!

And that means it's my turn as MISS JANUARY on HOLIDAYS WITH THE CRICUT

I can't believe I'm here doing this today.....I can't start the day off just yet until I say THANK YOU to Joy, Tammy and Melanie for giving me this opportunity to contribute to their totally amazing blog!

When I was asked if I would be interested in doing a guest spot I was thrilled!! When you consider how many other talented artists they have had, I felt very honored to be considered. I was also hesitant as every single one of their past designers oozed talent and their creativity left my mind reeling! So with a very humble heart I accepted and have been busy preparing for this spot all through December and up until last week LOL!!

The theme for this week is Valentines Day, ah love, amore, romance....this is my favorite holiday! So this should explain why all of my projects (except for Wild Card Wednesday) will all have something to do with Valentines Day. My other requirement as guest designer is to only use 2 cartridges- what? only 2? :) just kidding, when I found out I could only use 2 I thought: no problem! I have a gypsy, this awesome little tool lets me manipulate my images any which way I want. As long as I have 'her' this should be the best challenge yet! I decided for the entire week I would be using Gypsy Wanderings and Wild Card!! With these 2 cartridges I think you have every image you could possibly need LOL!!!

I digress.......Let's get on with it shall we? That's what were all really here for right??? all right, all right.....HERE WE GO!!!

Hi everyone!!! Myamagoo here with your SIMPLE CARD MONDAY!

My first task for this week was to create a Simple Card. Sounds easy....but when you are an embellishment nut like I am this proved to be quite the task!

I started with finding a piece of paper that had a ton of glitter on it- and cut it down to 7 5/8"H x 7 1/4" W. This card is going to be hand delivered so I wasn't worried about it fitting a particular envelope size (or postage).

Using my gypsy I selected a square from the Wild Card cart. I sized it to 7.16W x 3.09H- this is going to be the mat on my card. I then welded a series of 9 scalloped ovals from GW (gypsy wanderings), each scallop was sized at 1.22W x 0.93H. I overlapped each scallop to make sure they were all touching. Once they were all lined up I then selected the GROUP button to make sure they were all together and then I selected the Weld Button. Welding these scallops after I have GROUPED them will make those 9 individual pieces into 1 long piece. I chose 2 different styles of hearts for my card-a scallop heart from GW sized at 2.12W x 2.47H. The second was a smooth heart from WC (wild card) sized at 2.44W x 2.17H. Once I had those 3 hearts on my screen I selected the copy button and it duplicated my three hearts leaving me with 6. I shrunk down the 3 'copied' hearts so they would fit inside my larger hearts. I wanted an opening inside each of the hearts. Then I searched for a tag on the Wild Card cart and sized it to 2.40W x 1.04H and made 3 of those. I arranged everything on my mat like this: (I should also mention this picture shows double of everything, I was cutting out 2 cards so I doubled my cuts):

Then I put my paper on my cutt mat Exactly as shown on the Gypsy screen:

Then I just pressed cut and that was it! Look at how close the Gypsy can let you cut between images! I love not wasting paper :)

I adhered the scallops to my rectangle mat, then glued that onto my glitter card stock. I removed the hearts off the mat and made sure to save the left over smaller hearts (I saved the hearts from the tags too).

Next was aligning the tags inside the hearts so the tag would show the stamped letters properly. I just laid the tag on the heart, traced around it with a pencil, and then attached pop dots ti give the tag a place to sit- and to adhere to the card. I flipped the tags over and stamped my sentiment for Valentines Day on it: I heart U.

Don't forget the inside!!!

Grab some ribbon and cut it to length- trim any overlapping edges. Grab your six extra small hearts and just glue them down in any way you like :)

PHEW!!! It really is a simple card- I swear!! The instructions seem like a lot but I just wanted to let new users to the Gypsy to be able to understand how I got from designing on my gypsy, to cutting, to assembling.

The good news is: THIS GYPSY FILE IS AVAILABLE ON MY BLOG FOR DOWNLOAD!! That's right- you don't have to worry about ANY of the measurements, just go to the top where I keep my files and download away :) My gift from me to all of you for reading through all of this LOL!!!! DS users if you would like this file you will need to do the conversion to .cut first :)

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!! It's Home Decor Tuesday!!!! ooooh la la!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute card! You have nothing to be nervous about - you make amazing things to share with us! I'm so excited for you being the 1st Calendar Girl!!! Hope you enjoy your week of fame. We need to get you a tiara that you can pass on to the February Girl, etc. :)))

Sherry B

Indypam1 said...

Amazing! Your card is gorgeous and the instructions, though they sounded intimidating are quite simple. Thanks for sharing.

≈≈Lorrie≈≈ said...

Magoo you did awesome. I love your voice. So sweet! Thanks for sharing your great files with us. Can't wait to see tomorrow!

Donna VW said...

Congratulations Miss January!

Ellen (aka ScrapStampnMama) said...

I have to say that you too Ooze Talent! A very charming card and really so simple. Love it thanks for sharing and for sharing the file! Great Job!!

ShawnfromMN said...

Hi there, just wanted to thank you for your time and your talents!! Your video was awesome and i love your card. You are such a wonderful person to share your expertise. I know that you have helped me out immensely on the Cricut mb!! I just wanted express my gratitude!!

Nana Mouse said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your creations are amazing!! Congradulations MS. JANUARY!!


HappyHappyJoyJoy said...

Great job, Crystal!! Your instructions were fantastic and I love the cartridges you are featuring this week! Wait until everyone sees what you can do with the Gypsy! You make it look nice and easy! Love the picture of the mat with the paper, also! Makes it clear how to arrange things! Beautiful card!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your creativity! YOU ROCK!!!

Hugs, Joy

cfine said...

Great card. Your video was great as well, I like your sense of humor! Can't wait to see what you come up with this week! Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...


Gail said...

Nice card. Keep the cards coming. Thank you

Betsy said...

Very cute! I love the inside as well. Good job.

Betsy said...

I forgot to say you did not sound nervous and the video was perfect.


Lynda said...

Great card and you certainly hold your own with creativity m'dear. I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that it's not cutsey and you're using carts I have!:) Your style is more polished, (which I really love) than some others on the message board. I'm not a 30 something anymore, and while I like youthful, I'm not into cutesy. Many thanks and I'll be following you to see what is next. Oh, and thanks for the Gypsy files. I'm a Gypsy beginner and this is helping immensely.

scrapbarn said...

the file is to be cut only on the 12x24 mat? guess I will have to resize mine to the 12x12. thanks anyway!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I was able to download this file and successfully loaded it onto my gypsy. You have inspired me to get more creative with designs.

One question though... I have no idea how I got the first file onto the desktop of my MAC (I was trying alot of buttons, LOL) so I was unable to transfer a second file. Any idea what I need to do?

Carla B.

Di&Co said...

Super cute card Miss Magoo! I dont know why you are worrying girlie, you ooze talent!

Jodie R said...

Oh my gosh, Mya! This is the most adorable card I have ever seen - and the most clever! I love that you hid the message! I love to hide my journaling this way. It is interactive, unexpected and a lot of fun in the discovery! Great job!!

MelKilMD said...

The "simple" card doesn't look simple at first, but your explanation (not to mention the gypsy file) makes it super simple.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is great and you did such a good job on your first video. You didn't sound nervous at all.

I have never downloaded a file to my gypsy and I can't seem to get it to work but not to worry - I'll be calling Provocraft in the morning to see what I'm supposed to do. I keep getting the windows media center and I don't know what to do with that.


scrappinpatty said...

Fabulous card!! I want to make it myself but I don't have a Gypsy!!!.. Can we have directions too if you don't have the Gypsy...boohoo! Thanks!!

Ladybug said...

Your first project as Ms. January was totally awesome! Your video tut was great. Very easy to follow. Can't wait to see what you come up w/ next. :-)

texmorg said...

Thanks I really enjoyed your video, you would never know that it was your first one. i have never down loaded a file on to my gypsy but you make it sound really easy so i am going on to your how to section and i am going to give it a go.

Bugeyes said...

great card, congratulations on being MISS JANUARY!!!

tfs gypsy file with us

flowerdisco said...

Oh magoo, how beautiful! I loved your video and you have a very nice voice and you explained all so well.
TFS! U R my G Queen :)

Tia Yvette said...

Super sweet and shimmery card, I love it! You are a natural on film. Great job with the video, you explained the steps so well and made it look easy.'s definitely a pleasure to finally hear your voice! :) Can't wait to see what you have in store for us for the rest of the week.

LadyintheWoods said...

How cute is that! Love all the layering going on. I can always use help with cards and the .gypsy file is fantastic. Thanks for showing us how to use the space on our mats and get the most out of our paper.