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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday- Let's Shake things up!!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday - this is the day that I get to make any style of card I choose. I decided to go with a GET WELL SOON theme and I also included a fun little shaker embellishment on the front of the card :) I LOVE cards that do things, make noise or feel great in your hands....I tried to do all three with this one.

As I am using Gypsy Wanderings and Wild Card cartridges all week this project again will involve my gypsy- tomorrow's project could be done without using a gypsy or DS. I also used ProvoCraft's 12x24 paper in todays project simply due to the way I designed it.

This is what my gypsy screen looked like with all of my images placed on my mat ready for cutting page 1, page 2 has the base of the card and the sentiment for the inside of the card. You can only cut 1 page at a time, when page 1 is done, simply touch on the number 1 and it will change to page 2:

This is how I laid out my paper to cut for page 1:

Page 2 paper layout:

For the base of the card I chose a tag from Gypsy Wanderings and added it to my mat. Then sized it to 4.75W x 6.25H. Next you will select the Marquis shape on Gypsy Wanderings and size it to .55W x 3.99H. These images can be found here on the gypsy: .

Now move your Marquis shape and place it over the hole on your tag as I've done in this picture:

After you have placed your images, you will group the marquis shape and tag. Once they are grouped press copy 2 times for a total of 3 tags. Select 1 tag and using the FLIP button flip this tag Horizontally. Next align the 2 tags and overlap slightly so they look like this:

Group your items and select weld. Everything that will cut is in RED, anything that will NOT cut is in GRAY:

When you cut out your images you will score down the spine and fold it in half:

At this point I chose to run it through my cuttlebug-used the swiss dots folder. Then will apply adhesive to the middle of the spine and press together so your left edge is glued shut (you will be tying a TON of ribbon around this and need it to be sturdy).

I then searched through the all the phrases on Gypsy Wanderings and Wild Card and chose 'Thinking of You' for the front of my card.

Size this to 3.99W x 2.98H. You will also select the shadow for this phrase by touching the shift button and then size the shadow to 4.13W x 3.16H. Once the phrases were cut I decided I needed to ink these too, and a little doodling all over :)

Next a rounded square was selected from Gypsy Wanderings, added to the mat and sized to 4.57W x 3.67H. This square is going to be used as the mat on the inside of the card. Once cut out you can ink the edges to give it a more finished look and apply it to the inside of the card leaving a little more white space on the bottom than the top. Ink all edges with your favourite ink colour.

I found the most adorable little border of flowers on the GW cart and decided I would use these on the inside of the card.
Size the flower border to 4.90W x 1.36H. Once you have added this to your mat you will need to copy it 4 more times for a total of 5 flower borders on your mat. I wanted to be able to have each flower a different colour, so you will be cutting a flower out of each strip to use on the inside of the card:
Once you have 5 each in a different colour you can run them through your cuttlebug for a little more texture and interest. You can also add a rhinestone or two for a little something shiny :)

I had a hard time choosing the sentiment for the inside of the card- Wild card has so many great choices!!! In the end I chose 'Get Better' from Gypsy Wanderings simply because I like the font. I ended up inking the edges on this too. When inking smaller cuts I really like to use a Q-tip. I try to get the Q-tips from the dollar store as they have less fuzz on them, which means less fuzz on your project LOL!!

For the shaker embelly I was looking for an image that had a cutout, AND could take the place of my letter O on the front of the card. I found one on GW sized it to 1.53W x 1.53H.
Once it was on my mat I copied it for a total of 9 cutout flowers on the mat. I went back to the cut out flower in my cart and pushed the shift button to get the solid circle that is used as the backing for this cutout. I copied this circle twice, 1 circle will be for cardstock, the second circle for a transparency sheet.

To assemble your shaker you will line up your cutouts, then glue them on top of each other sandwich style leaving 1 cutout aside and unglued.
Take your solid circle that was cut out of transparency and glue it to the underneath of the flower cutout you left aside. This will be the top for your shaker flower. Find your solid circle cut out of cardstock and glue it to the bottom of your stack of cutout flowers. Now go find some mini beads...glitter, coloured sand....what ever little bits that will fit. Glue your lid on top and shaker flower is all ready shake it's stuff!!

Take your phrase Thinking of you and carefully cut out the O off of the letter f. This will allow you to place your shaker where the letter O was without any patterned paper peeking out beneath

Now go and get that huge stash of ribbon that is in a box somewhere and all tied up in knots and pick out co-ordinating colours, and feel free to mix up the textures- the more the merrier!! Don't be afraid to tie and squish as many pieces of ribbon onto the 'handle' as you can!!!
Grab some more sparkly bits and find fun places to put them....gotta love a little bling ;)

I hope you enjoyed my project for Wild Card Wednesday, be sure to go back to the top of my blog and download the gypsy file :)

Tomorrow is Scrapbook Layout Thursday!!!! Hmmmm, I hope you are all with me on this one.....this should be VERY interesting- this is my very FIRST paper layout I have ever made. And you are all going to get to see it........gulp! :)

Looking forward to tomorrow everyone ~ HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY!!!!


Sheila McShea said...

Wow! What a delightfully beautiful card able to cheer anyone up! Love the colors and the shaker is over the top! LOVE IT. Thanks for teaching us how to make this beautiful card. Oh, can't wait to see your 1st LO! Hugs!

HappyHappyJoyJoy said...

This is just such a beautiful card! I love how you detailed exactly how you made it and how you laid out everything on the Gypsy and then on your mat!! I also love that shaker!! You did an amazing job!!

Hugs, Joy

Scrappymax said...

Another fab card Crystal and I love that little shaker. Can't wait to see your layout tomorrow. I am desperate for a Gypsy but alas I am still waiting for an expression so I think I will be waiting a while yet lol.
Max x

Stephanie said...

Your cards are simply fabulous. You have so much talent. Thanks for sharing.

Neva said...

Love his, it is so different!! Thanks!!!

Nana Mouse said...

My what a wonderful card! The design and colors would cheer one up for sure! Can't wait for tomorrow. Just a large card or two with more room for you to play! LOL


Susan said...

Your blog is wonderful to visit ~ soooo inspiring! I left a comment over at Holidays with the Cricut, but had to come visit you here. That card is PERFECT in sooo many ways ~ color, layout, attention to detail, embellishments! And you've explained it all step by step beautifully! Thank you sooo much for sharing your talent, and letting us "scrap" lift a work of art!


HI sweetie, this is so awesome! I am sorry I have been commenting on cwtch and the mb but need to come over here and comment too! Luv ya! b

LJ said...

I LOVE that almost all your things are uploaded at like 2 AM. A girl after my own heart!!! Love your stuff - very cool.

Wife2TJ said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions :-) I love the deign and i'm drooling over that blue ribbon, it's GORGEOUS!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

i cant find the file for the thinking of you card and i love it.

Mary Ann said...

I love your style. Your instructions and diagrams are superb. Makes me want to use my gypsy and try this. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what else you can make. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer H said...

Thanks so much for showing all the steps. This is a beautiful card!

LadyintheWoods said...

I saw your work when you were MS. January and have just now worked out how to save your files to my Gypsy. Your instructions were so easy I can't believe I waited this long. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work.
Also, I am a MAC user so CDS is not an option for me. I REALLY appreciate you taking time to include instructions for the MAC geeks.

marcia said...

just discovered / obsessed with your blog! gorgeous photos + great narration = fabulous projects. <3

goodfamilygirl2 said...

Thank you for all of the hand work you do designing Gypsy files. I appreciae your generosity in sharing your work with others.