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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creative Team Search Entries.....Wish me luck please!

Here are my entries for the Jessica Sprague Creative Team Search. You would NOT believe the talent that I have seen in the gallery!!! I'm happy that I had enough courage just to put my layouts in.....rejection is always hard on the ol' ego.....but don't take my word for it ~ go see for yourself how amazing these folks are------->    *CREATIVE TEAM SEARCH GALLERY*

I just want to mention too ~ the photos are SO washed out on here....CLICK on the picture and the photo will be so much more CLEAR AND VIBRANT!

Layout #1

Ok, here we go.......

Background paper used- JSprague Kraft
Brushes used- House of 3 Botanicals Swirls Set, NRJ Sanding Brush.
I used the NRJ Sanding Brush by stamping it over top of the swirl brushes and clipped the sanding into the Swirls for more of a grunge effect.
Used the Patter Fill adjustment layer on both mats for the photos.  Used the overlay setting and reduced the opacity a bit.
Used the Satin Pattern Fill on the ribbon of colour just beneath the photos to give it a more rumpled appearance.
Blue Bow- Amy Teets (Sunporch Collection)
Fonts Used: Rebekah's Birthday (Fishy Face!), Renaissance (2009), Large Mime Font (The Best of...)
Also used several techniques to enhance and edit the photos from JS Good to Great Workflow Class.

Layout #2

Background Paper- SMD_MayFlowers Kit
Brushes Used- Grunge brush on edges of page by- Dumpsterbrushes by DUB
Fonts Used: Zapfino (Title), Apple Chancery (journaling)
Used the Custom shape tool to make 2 clipping masks for the photos.
After clipping photos into the shapes I used the Stroke outline technique to 'mat' the photos.
Used photo editing techniques from Good to Great workflow Class

Layout #3

No background paper used.  All I did was use a Pattern Adjustment layer (Darkcoarse Weave) to give the appearance of texture in the background.
Font used: 1942 Report
Brushes Used:  Becs Stock_Wing Brush set, Liquid Brush Set by Boyingo Paw

I used the Rectangular Marquee tool to draw 4 shapes - had feathering set to 25.  Clipped photos into the shapes I created.  Then used the Marquee tool to 'cut' or delete 3 round edges from each photo - leaving only 1 corner rounded on all 4 pics.

Used the Rectangular Marquee tool again for the matting of the title.  Used the Fill option with white and reduced the opacity to 50%.  Added a subtle drop shadow as well.


Ladybug said...

Magoo, that is just simply beautiful!! Love all of your LO's. The "color park" is cute!!

Scrappymax said...

Crystal these are just gorgeous and so is your adorable little girl. I am sure they will snap you up not only because you are so talented but your enthusiasm, excitement and enjoyment in your crafting really shines through and they can't fail to realise just what an asset you would be to them. You go girl, I'm rooting for you.
Max x

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Beautiful work! Good luck!

~BridgetL~ said...

Magoo, your layouts are beautiful, Wishing you good luck. What an honor that would be to make it.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh what gorgeous layouts... Good luck.

Cindy McVey said...

These are all fantastic, but I LOVE the butterfly one! I'm crossing my fingers for you, but if they don't pick you, they're nuts!!

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

Beautiful work. I was just thinking that you should take part and you did. Hooray for you!!! Best f luck sweetie

Cher~ said...

I wish you all the luck. I think these layouts and photos are gorgeous. Darling little girl too. Great directions as well. Can't wait to see more from you.

FitterTwit said...

OMG... you're so gonna get it! Good luck! May the force be with you. :D

Tia Yvette said...

Your layouts are BEAUTIFUL!! Good luck with the "Team Search," you did a fabulous job!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beautiful Layouts - ALL of them! Love your work and your daughter is gorgeous like her mother!


Wow those are neat. Great subject!! Best of luck to you!

Doris said...

beautiful! absolutely beautiful! My fav is the butterfly. That is breath taking!