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Saturday, August 7, 2010

'The Classics' - a Birthday Pop Up Card

Hi Everyone!!

Last week I found myself making a really fun birthday card. Instead of reaching for my newer cartridges, I thought I'd dust of my 'older' carts and see what little treasures were hiding on them :)

So out came Stretch Your Imagination, and Celebrations. I REALLY love Celebrations...have you seen the AMAZING cuts on this cart? There isn't anything missing that you'd need to make a party invite, b-day card, a birthday's all about the party! I do want to warn you though, some cuts are better cut out at a much larger size...unless you are working with thinner cardstock (I did have to re-cut a few since I was using a thicker/textured cardstock). Or, if you still want the design small, use your cricut markers for just an outline....just an idea to throw out there :) I haven't used my markers yet....I've had them for over a year....I'll add that to my list of projects to do! :)

So, grab your SYI (stretch your imagination from here on out) and flip to page 61. For the front of my card I used the LAYERS feature, the SILHOUETTE feature and the BLACKOUT setting. The hardest part for me was picking the paper and trying to make sure it would co-ordinate once cut out. So have fun picking your paper!! :) :)

Then I grabbed my new I-rock and glued all sorts of bling all over....and for my candles I used patterned paper and STICKLES!! (aren't they sparkle-y?? ).

For the inside of the card I scored a piece of cardstock in half and for the pop out I measured 3 1/4" in length and 2 1/4" apart. Once it was cut I pushed it in towards me to form the step that I would glue my happy birthday to.

I got out Celebrations and flipped to page 124. I used the regular cut, the Shadow and Blackout feature for 3 layers of this cut. I ended up only using 2 layers for the happy (as I liked the patterned paper that was showing). So I stickled the 'A' in Happy and glued the 3 layers for the birthday. I cut out a cute little b-day hat that can be found on page 103 and added some more stickles - black this time :). Then for the stack of presents behind the 'Happy' I flipped to page 119 and cut out the Shadow, the Blackout and Shift Blackout. I glued them all together and stuck it behind Y in happy. Then I just pop dotted both to the pop out portion and VOILA!

It's a very easy pop out.....the time consuming part was gluing the layers it looks really great but not all that difficult. :)

Hope you like it as much as I do!



nikki said...

Wow!! Very Blingy!! Love it :)

Grandma Suzie said...

WOW, the person who gets this card is lucky. It is beautiful.

eiyiyi said...

Love it Magoo!!!!

pcrusberg said...

Oh my, I just love this card! So sparkly and fun! Who wouldn't love to receive this - it would be the gift! Thanks!

Ladybug said...

Magoo, it's very stylin'!! Love it! :-)

SweetSassyDiva said...

it's really cute! I made an image book (can't really say word book! lol) for the contest. I wonder when we will hear who won! :) TFS!

Anonymous said...

What a cute card...and you posted it on my birthday! :-)

I love your blog!

carolyn in nebraska

Ohhh Snap said...

What a great birthday card!!! It's like a whole party in a card. TFS :D.

btw, I'm getting better manipulating this keyboard. Still waiting on comptuer repairs.

Sharon said...

I found your blog today and let me just tell you... I LOVE IT! I have 2 Cricuts and over a dozen cartridges but have never really used it! I will now...thanks to you! I have spent hours reading and studying your creations. I love that your instructions are concise, and easy to follow!
I am totally a FAN! Thank you for the information and spaking my creative juices!