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Monday, December 13, 2010


or occasionally known as Max. Also known as 'your' dog (as I angrily remind my husband when such things happen that shouldn't).

No we don't live in little rock, we are in Canada - just used for fun folks :) He's still guilty.

Our dear Max has a very good life. Walks every day, meals on a daily schedule, water, toys, the regular marathon sessions of petting from our mini magoo. Lets just say he's got it good.

So how does he repay his wonderful human people? He Chews.

But not HIS toys. oh no. Gasp! at the thought.

He prefers more gourmet offerings - such as:

Mini Magoos brand new winter coat.

*sigh* still chewed from this angle too....

But, not quite satiated, we were at a Christmas party on Saturday. Planning ahead knowing Maxi Pad (as we fondly call him - yes even out loud in the backyard and our neighbours hear us) would be in his kennel from around 4pm onwards, I take him for a wonderfully freezing walk (Max was nice and toasty while his human conterpart got frozen eyelashes and snot stuck to her nose). 5km later I bring him home, give him a drink and put him to bed with something new to chew.

Later that evening around 8:30 hubby drives home to let Max out and for his supper. Max refuses to eat, even though hubby waited over 20 minutes for him to eat, back down to the kennel). Hubby comes back to the party, all is well.

We get home, happy and tired - take max out, he eats supper now. I go tuck mini magoo into bed - and catch CHEWBACCA in the act!!

He looksat me, his left paw slowly rises (the accused paw that is holding the boot in place for his very sharp teeth to shred and destroy in 5 seconds). He drops it like a hot potato and makes for his place on the rug.
Looks like I came out into the kitchen just in time.....
I wondered just how much damage he could have done if it hadn't been so late and read a story to mini magoo. Dear hubby wouldn't have had a boot left I think. hmmmm gourmet Columbia rubber - was it good Max? Not enough fibre in your diet? how about those apples I gave you this morning, maybe we should try All bran?

And what about this toy?? Why don't you chew that? Or is it just more comfortable to lie on it and use as a pillow??

Oh yes Max.......your better guard your stuff......Humans can chew stuff and I'm a little hungry right now.....and not above revenge :)



Mary said...

I'm sorry Max chewed things he shouldn't. Your story made me chuckle.

In Max's defense (he needs a defense attorney)LOL

Max's Statement:
I Don't know what these humans want from me. They put all these neat colorful chew toys in front of me. Then get upset I used them.
Then on top of it they get upset because I don't chew my favorite Binkie Toy. I love my Binkie. I don't want anything to happen to it. Life is so confusing here. The smell of that shoe was horrendous. I was trying to remove the odor from the house. Then I'm in trouble for that.:( Oh and the coat. I'm sorry I damaged the coat. I could have sworn it smelled like pizza on the sleeve. I was just trying to clean it when the washer went haywire and ripped it. Please let me out of doggie jail. I will try to chew the right things. But, Please don't make me chew my Binkie. (attorney Chuckles)

Hugs to you and Max. I hope you work things out. It's the holidays!
Oh my gosh what is he going to think of all those presents under the tree. I see him drooling already want to tear them all apart.
Hugs Mary

Magoo said...

Your argument is valid, however the cost of damages far exceeds any binky toy that might ever get chewed.


tee hee :)

max is still loved-no matter what :)

Lisa said...

What a cute story, made me smile. Gee I get upset when my puppy pees in the house nevermind. Magoo, I bought this spray called Bitter Apple, it deters them from biting things they shouldn't, it is harmless but it teaches them a good lesson. I only had to use it once, just a little squirt in the mouth, now when my guy Tyson (Boxer puppy) goes for something to chew including our hands or feet (in a playful way) but still, I just show him the bottle and he stops :)

TR said...

Classic separation anxiety.

sigh... dear Max. You ARE loved.
Don't worry so much.


Addy Wyonch said...