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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's talk Digital....

As in Digital scrapbooking. I just discovered it in the beginning of summer and I am hooked. Partly because it required NO space other than where your computer is. The other bonus is there is no clean up :) Digital scrapping has given me the courage to try making scrapbook layouts and I wanted to share a couple with ya!

I love that if there is a type of paper I want to use but it's not the right colour, I can change it with a click of the button!

I've been able to collect so many digi items for FREE that I just love this new hobby. I will NOT be giving up my paper scrapping though... I love making cards and giving them to people too much!

Who loves digi scrapping? Any tips to share? Send me links to your blogs and I will pop on by :) :)

This pic is quite a few years old, and is one of my first 12x12 pages.....I made all the paper in PSE6 and used a brush from KPertiet(the stitching).

This is one I completed from the Jessica Sprague website. She offers lessons in Photoshop for those who have the program and have no idea what to do with it (that would be me LOL!!).

Can't wait to what other people have made....I could use all the help I can get LOL!!!


BlueRose said...

Girl, have I ever missed you!!!!

I know that you have been reallllly busy but you were missed by me.♥

I love your artwork that you come up with, I don't have any advice but I sure wish I took the road your walking. I look at my craft room and will you know what I mean, do I say any more?

~BridgetL~ said...

OMG I love your digital pages. I have been collecting freebies here and there and now I just have to put them to use. I am hoping I get Photoshop 7 for Xmas.

Scrappymax said...

Oh Crystal they look fabulous, I really enjoyed Jessica's course and will definately be doing more. I love how you have made the edges look torn, how did you do that? and your little one looks so sweet.
Max x

Brenda said...

Oh how awesome!!! Sooo beautifly done. I have tried 1 layout and have coutless number of cds full of free digital designs just can't get the hang of the programs to do them.
And I know all about the scrapbooking mess I really got it going on now!!!

~~Lorrie~~ said...

I have PSE.. and have no idea what to do with it. I watch videos, tutorials and I think I understand, but then I get on it.. and I'm totally lost. I really need to take a class. I think you should learn and teach me! lol

Great music on your blog!

~~Lorrie~~ said...

Absolutely awesome! Love, Love, Love these. Your DD is soooo gorgeous!!!

KreatesKards said...

Great layouts ... I just got the pre-order of the Stampin' Up! My Design Studio so I'm joining the ranks of digital scrappers too. I've only had it 2 days, so not too accomplished YET. Have to learn quickly tho as it will be a new item for sale in a couple of weeks.

Tia Yvette said...

OH MY...these layouts absolutely fabulous and she is definitely a cutie pie! Gotta say, I love the idea that you are "mess-free" with digi scrapping and especially like that you can change the colors with just a click of a cool is that! You are doing a GREAT job...thanks for sharing your wonderful work and I look forward to seeing more. :)

Ladybug said...

OMG --- those LO's are gorgeous! You did an awesome job!! TFS! ;-)