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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The painting has begun....

I started yesterday, I had to put 2 layers of primer on the walls (why did I choose such a dark colour in the first place?). ONce that was somewhat dry (I'm an impatient painter) I started with my first coat of paint....paint is in my hair, on my nails, on the bottom of my slippers.....oh, now it's on my keyboard too. Never said I was a tidy painter did I! Once this room is finished it'll be on to paint my craft room, no priming required there!!!

I'm getting closer, yay!!!! Hey!!! anyone want to come and help?! :)


Tia Yvette said...

I would LOVE to help...we could have a "painting party" then when we are done, you can help me paint MY scraproom! If only you lived Well have fun painting, be sure to keep us posted with your progress and don't forget the know we are all about the VISUAL!! :)


HI, I won't be much help, but I will come visit! Speaking of stuff in hair, we just baked a cake and I turned on the mixer when I had the beaters out of the bowl and it is all over. Be sure to post some photos!! Hi Yvette! Yvette was over when we saw your post on your blog.
Hugs to you, sweetie!! Miss you!